Korigirana cevka




The corrugated pipe is a two- layered pipe which has the outer wavelike surface and inner level surface. It is made of polyethylene of high density and because of the economical technical advantages it is the future of sewerage  system.


The pressure pipes from K.S Rolospas are manufactured exclusively from original polyethelene with high density PE 80 and PE 100 MRS. The MRS classification MRS= 8 MPa means that even after 50 years the pipes will endure the same strain. Therefore K. S Rolospas is using the best raw materials from branded world manufacturers ,


Fluidthermal pipes are expected to be used for installation of hot / cold sanitary water.They completely replace zink coated water pipes which contain high percentage of CaCo3. They are also expected to be used for  the  transport of food liquids , irrigation installments, installment in the chemical industries.


Fittings for home sewerage in combination with drainage pipes of all kinds of waste water, are easily  assembled , and are joined together with rubber band which are also made in the same factory , so it bands perfectly.


The distribution of natural gas, which is one of the most economical fuels for industry and home use, is transported with pipes of polyethelene of high density in nearly 80 % of the cases. The development of  highmolecular PEHD type of polyethelene allows fast development of pipe systems for the distribution of natural gas with high security in transport.



K. S ROLOSPAS from Prilep is a factory for production of polyethylene hoses and pipes, PVC hoses,PVC drop sidings , sewerage fittings, polypropylene pipes , water line fitting and rubber bands. It is founded in 1998. Today the factory has twenty employees working  in all units.

The management team of KS ROLOSPAS is as follows:

- General manager:  Martin Kaleski - economist graduate
- Trade department: Aleksandra Bunteska, Eleonora Stefanoska Divjakoska - economist
- Technology/ production department- Soleski Zlatko- Technology ( executive ) manager
- Administrative - financial department: Petreska Hristina, Petroska Nade
- Founders: Kaleski Sasho, Petreski Kitan


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